Demi Classes


Our Demi classes are the perfect introduction to dance for children ages 1 to 5. Demi classes allow our youngest dancers to discover the magic of movement in a fun, developmentally appropriate, and encouraging environment!

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Tippy Toes

30 minute class | ages 1-2 (or walking)

An exciting new intro to movement, music and dance class! Our littlest dancers will be introduced into the classroom setting and begin to work on body coordination through song and dance. A parent or another adult will be joining in the fun each week, to help each dancer explore movement safely.

Girls - Any color leotard and convertible tights, or comfy clothes they can move in, barefoot
Boys - T-shirt, Athletic shorts/pants, barefoot

Parents - Comfy clothes you can move in, Socks (no shoes allowed inside the studio)


Mini Movers

Tap, Creative Movement and Tumbling Combo Class

45 minute class | ages 2-3

An independent and non-stop Combo class for our busy little dancers! This class will be an introduction into independent classroom activities, learning to work with others, listening to directions and of course...having lots of fun dancing! Dancers will learn fundamentals of tap and tumbling, as well as exploring basic body movements.

Girls - Any color leotard, Convertible tights, Tan tap shoes
Boys - T-shirt, Athletic shorts/pants, Black tap shoes


Tap & Twirl

Tap and Ballet Combo Class

45 minute class | ages 4-5

A fun and exciting Combo class working on body coordination and rhythm through movement and music! Students will learn the basic fundamentals of tap and ballet.

Girls - Any color leotard, Pink or Suntan tights, Pink ballet shoes, Tan tap shoes
Boys - T-shirt, Athletic shorts/pants, Black ballet shoes, Black tap shoes


Hip Hop Flip Flop

45 minute class | ages 4-5

A great intro into hip-hop and tumbling class, all in one! We'll focus on beginning hip-hop basics and also build strength and coordination in tumbling with skills like forward, log, straddle and dive rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bridge-ups.

Girls - Any color leotard, convertible or footless tights, barefoot
Boys - T-shirt and athletic shorts/pants, barefoot